Water treatment system swimming pool


Tieleman has specialized in water treatment of swimming pool water since 1970. As a result of years of experience and thorough development, Tieleman is the market leader in high-quality medical water treatments.

An installation built by Tieleman ensures an even flow of water in the basin and optimal water quality in the swimming pool. The installation can be equipped with PLC automation to optimize user-friendliness. PLC automation enables, among other things, the use of touchscreens and remote monitoring. Our technology also enables energy savings. For example, the water treatment can be equipped with an energy-saving mode that adjusts the water circulation to the use of the swimming pool. Tieleman is the only company within the sector to offer this so-called “dynamic flow control”.

Benefits of our water treatment system

Filtering pool water is an essential part of water purification. After all, the filter installation ensures that pool water remains clean and fresh. Our filter technology not only reduces energy and water consumption, but also the consumption of chemicals.

With a high-quality swimming pool, it is very important that all processes are capable of being observed, examined and adjusted at a glance. All of our installations are equipped with a Siemens PLC with touchscreen that manages all pumps, measurements, dosages and reports.

In all public and semi-public swimming pools it is mandatory to test the water quality several times a day. By using an automated measuring system, a second control check is added and all results are digitally logged. In this way, daily manual measurements are no longer required, reliance on the pool operator is reduced and calamities are automatically reported.

According to stipulations set forth in the law it is mandatory to use chlorine as a disinfectanct, because chlorine is the only substance that actively kills microorganisms. The pures form of chlorine is produced by a closed cell salt electrolysis. 

Today, and even more in the knowledge-based society of tomorrow, Building Automation Systems (BAS) have a ubiquitous presence. Pools are also often visualized in a BAS, because they enable water parameters and (malfunction) statuses to be checked at a glance. Tieleman has realized various data connections with common BAS systems.

There is a possibility to visualize a Tieleman installation through a web-based interface. With this option swimming pool data are accessible from each platform with an internet connection at any time.


Tieleman relies on over 50 years of research and development with some of the most renowned rehabilitation centres and hospitals to design and build their hydrotherapy related products. All manufactured products meet and exceed the needs in any medical application.

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Berlin Medical Center MAS finshed 01 - tieleman zwembadtechniek

Berlin Medical Center | Abu Dhabi

We equipped this hospital’s medical pool with an all-in-one hydrotherapy pool solution. The modular hydrotherapy pool offers patients various options for rehabilitation or work on their locomotion.


Koraal | Maastricht

With Tieleman’s swimming pool solutions, Koraal’s swimming pool has been transformed into a relaxing environment. The solutions range from an integrated bubble bench to pool stairs.


Pluryn | Nijmegen

The swimming pool at Pluryn in Nijmegen has a complete Tieleman swimming pool system, consisting of a movable pool floor, self-adjusting stairs and a water treatment installation.