Stainless steel swimming pool

Exceptional quality and limitless design

Tieleman stainless steel pools combine elegance with the highest quality and durability. No matter what your expectations are, our stainless steel pools will surpass them.

Imagine enjoying your pool, with the sunlight and clouds sparkling and illuminating the stainless steel. Minimalist frames adapt to the contours of your land, your sightlines and your requirements, giving your outdoor space a modern elegance and unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

If your house has a modern look, and you are looking for a luxurious pool to match these characteristics, a stainless steel pool will be the best choice. Moreover, you can choose from different sizes and shapes, such as an oval, square or rectangular. Due to the lightweight character of the basin (which is 10x lighter than concrete!), many structures can support the total weight. So just imagine: enjoy bathing in the sun on your roof terrace. This is possible with a stainless steel swimming pool.

And that’s not all, because a stainless steel pool has much more to offer.

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Benefits of our stainless steel pools

Stainless steel not only ensures that your pool water heats up faster, but is also more resistant to temperature fluctuations and frost.

Stainless steel 316 is extremely suitable for swimming pools because it is more resistant to chlorides and corrosion. This means minimal maintenance and a maximum service life.

The high corrosion resistance of stainless steel 316 prevents the growth of bacteria. In addition, a non-porous surface is relatively easy to keep clean.

The basin can be placed as one ready-made container and welded together on location. In any case, the installation time is shorter than, for example, a concrete swimming pool.

Stainless steel requires little maintenance and guarantees a long service life. Combined with the fact that stainless steel is 100% recyclable, it makes a particularly environmentally friendly material.

Due to a weight that is more than 10x lighter than concrete, you can better place stainless steel pools on upper floors and less heavily loaded surfaces.

Tieleman pool technology from start to finish

Tieleman relies on over 50 years of research and development with some of the most renowned rehabilitation centres and hospitals to design and build their hydrotherapy related products. All manufactured products meet and exceed the needs in any medical application.

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Discover our projects

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The Netherlands | Gorssel

The client was looking for a pool solution that not only has a luxurious and clean appearance, but which can also be used for hydrotherapy purposes. Thanks to our movable floor (3 x 6m), finished with natural stone, the client is able to safely perform exercises at various swimming depths.

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England | Gloucestershire

This client’s indoor swimming pool (8.80 x 5.65m) is equipped with a tailor-made movable pool floor including an integrated staircase in which the architecture and lines of the house were seamlessly incorporated into the design.

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Israel | Tel Aviv

This special outdoor pool has a movable floor, sundeck, uninterrupted underwater window and integrated stairs. The real challenge was the combination these components.