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Solutions for particular ideas and situations

Thanks to our streamlined production process, we can offer tailor-made solutions. Whether that is because you have a special idea yourself, because we like to inspire you with possibilities or because specific situations (such as lack of space) require customization out of necessity. We are happy to help you with the solution. Below you can see various ‘specials’ that we have made for customers.

Special 1: movable floor with a sundeck and open underwater window

This customer abroad has a house in the city centre, which means that the space in the garden is limited. The client was therefore looking for a multifunctional pool solution that would make the best use of the space. 

In addition, there was a requirement for a sundeck on top of the pool. A movable floor provided the solution. The part that serves as the sundeck (3m x 2m) can be lowered to a maximum depth of 30 cm. This means that at any desired depth, the customer has a shallow area in the pool where he can relax. Secondly, the pool had to have an ‘open’ appearance. Therefore, we decided to place an underwater window around the pool. The challenge was combining these two elements.

Due to a natural stone-finished side, technology remained hidden. In this way, the look & feel were guaranteed and space was used optimally.

Special 2: movable Pool floor inside a diving pit

A training centre for professional divers asked us to develop a movable pool floor for a ‘diving pit’ with a maximum depth of no less than 21 meters. Especially the depth was unique. We developed a special locking system for this, so that safety was further guaranteed on every level. By using a moveable pool floor, the centre for professional divers can offer a varied range of training courses to future divers.

Part of the frame can even be removed, allowing you to dive to depths of over 50 metres! With this depth, the diving pit is among the deepest in Europe. This was a major and challenging project for us, in which we used our knowledge and customisation to develop a matching solution.

Special 3: Mechanical valve for an automatic pool cover

Most swimming pools have a pool cover at the top of the pool. For ultimate safety and a luxurious look, professional football club Royal Antwerp F.C. decided to opt for a special finish.

These mechanical valves cover a niche in the floor where the pool covers are located. This finish guarantees ultimate safety, because the gap at the valves is no more than 8 mm. The gaps with other roller covers are often very large, which can result in unsafe situations.

In addition, the mechanical valve has a natural stone finish. In this way, the customer can cover the swimming pool while holding on to ultimate safety and an estethic look.

Tieleman pool technology from start to finish

Tieleman relies on over 50 years of research and development with some of the most renowned rehabilitation centres and hospitals to design and build their hydrotherapy related products. All manufactured products meet and exceed the needs in any medical application.

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Gorssel rvs zwembad beweegbare vloer 03 - tieleman zwembadtechniek

The Netherlands | Gorssel

The client was looking for a pool solution that not only has a luxurious and clean appearance, but which can also be used for hydrotherapy purposes. Thanks to our movable floor (3 x 6m), finished with natural stone, the client is able to safely perform exercises at various swimming depths.

Particulier beweegbare vloer Engeland Glouchestershire 02 - tieleman zwembadtechniek

England | Gloucestershire

This client’s indoor swimming pool (8.80 x 5.65m) is equipped with a tailor-made movable pool floor including an integrated staircase in which the architecture and lines of the house were seamlessly incorporated into the design.

Particulier Israel beweegbare vloer zonnedek 10 - tieleman zwembadtechniek

Israel | Tel Aviv

This special outdoor pool has a movable floor, sundeck, uninterrupted underwater window and integrated stairs. The real challenge was the combination these components.