Looking for a movable pool floor to upgrade your living space?

Just imagine… being able to transform your pool into a multifunctional space which you can use as a full size swimming pool, a mid-depth pool for games and excercises, a paddling pool for children or even a party venue. With a Tieleman movable floor, all this is possible in the same space within minutes.

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Why you should Upgrade your pool with a Tieleman movable floor

Ultimate safety

A movable pool floor enables you to adjust the water depth of your swimming pool according to your personal preferences. This increases safety for users, especially children. In a raised position the swimming pool is inaccessible for incorrect or unsupervised use.

Endless customization

Endless customization is a philosophy that is widely represented through the Tieleman movable floor range. Each movable floor will be exclusively engineered to incorporate the ideas and options desired by the client (e.g. integrated stairs, integrated sun deck, swim-out benches, acrylic underwater windows). There are no restrictions in size nor depth of the pool.

High bearing capacity

The floor has a bearing capacity of over 100kg per m² (220lbs per 10.76 ft²), enabling the floor to be extremely suitable as a patio or even a partio venue in a raised position. By using a floating principle, the floor is very stable and in addition, no technology will be visible in and around the pool.

Durable construction

We only use Marine grade stainless steel 316L for our movable floors which is an extremely durable and high quality material. Our technology enables us to use a minimal amount of moving parts, which reduces the costs and time of maintenance.

Saves energy

In a raised position, the movable pool floor prevents water evaporation, heat loss and ensures lower heating costs through insulation integrated in the floor.

Powered by water

In contrast to others, the technology of a Tieleman movable pool floor is powered by water, instead of oil. This makes water contamination and damage to the basin impossible.

The ultimate hidden pool feature

When most people think of a swimming pool, typically they imagine space devoted exclusively to the pool. The thought that this same space could be used multifunctionally wouldn’t occur to them.

Imagine having a party in the backyard with your friends or your familiy, bbq fired up and all that is missing is a swimming pool. What if you could magically change your patio into a full size swimming pool? With the push of a button the water gently starts flowing across the movable floor. The color of the tiles fades away into a tropical blue color and the pool magically appears.


All that’s left to do is tell your astonished guests that the pool party can begin!
A residential movable floor in a closed position, enabling the client to use it as a patio.
A beautiful green residential outdoor living space with a swimming pool, movable floor and acrylic underwater windows.

What our clients say

Our partner Tieleman ensures that our pool for children with disabilities is in top condition and meets all modern requirements. The competent and caring service they provide ensures that we can use our pool with two pool lifts, self-adjusting stairs and a movable pool floor for our guests on a daily basis


Frans Wientjes
CEO Bio Holiday Resort

Recently, I started using my therapy/rehabilitation pool, developed by Tieleman Pool Technology. It is a superb pool! As a wheelchair user, the movable pool floor offers me the perfect solution. Thanks to the movable floor, I am able to train at different swimming depths. In short, a state-of-the-art product, wonderful technology, beautiful finish and above all, a pleasant and thoughtful team.


Residential client

In both the design and implementation stage there was a pleasant cooperation with the specialists of Tieleman. Through the use of the movable pool floor, integrated stairs and pool lift, the use of the therapy pool is facilitated. The integrated standing-edges of the movable floor provides extra safety for the users.


E. de Wit 
Senior project leader Housing – ASVZ

How a Tieleman movable floor works

The unique Tieleman movable floor system consists of a floating platform which features a series of cables and a pulley system with a water-based hydraulic cylinder.

When the movable floor is moved, the water will gently flow through the small gap (max. 8mm/0,31inch) around the floor. Within about four to five minutes your patio or living space is transformed into a full-size swimming pool.