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Commercial swimming pools have a great need for high-quality pool technology as a result of irregular use and a wide variety of swimmers. Thanks to more than 50 years of experience in the medical sector, we can also develop products with medically certified quality for Olympic pools, competition pools and public pools. So you will be assured that your pool and pool water meets the highest standards!

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Trapzwembad commercieel Grand hotel Amrath

Grand Hotel Amrath | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

We have provided the Grand Hotel Amrath with tailor-made engraved pool stairs and a water treatment installation. To guarantee the feeling of ultimate relaxation, we have also installed several jet streams.

Commercieel Steigenberger waterbehandeling en elektrolyse 02 - tieleman zwembadtechniek

Steigenberger Airport Hotel | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Recently (2021) the technical room of the Steigenberger Airport Hotel was renovated. We replaced the entire water treatment installation. Thanks to the proportional control of the salt electrolysis, fluctuations in the chlorine value are kept to a minimum.

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