Zuyderland Hospital | Sittard | The Netherlands

The hydrotherapy pool of Zuyderland Hospital is equipped with a movable floor and several hydrotherapy solutions. This allows specialists to offer patients the required load on the body for responsible rehabilitation.

About Zuyderland Ziekenhuis

Zuyderland Hospital originates from Atrium Medical Center Parkstad and Orbis Medical and Care Group Sittard-Geleen. Zuyderland Hospital specializes in oncology, obesity, mobility and motion, neurocognitive disorders and medical care of the elderly. With about 42,000 admissions per year, it is therefore not surprising that Zuyderland Hospital is the largest employer of Limburg.


Responsible and safe rehabilitation

Because the pool of Zuyderland Hospital is equipped with various hydrotherapy solutions it offers an optimal climate for responsible and safe rehabilitation. The movable floor can be adjusted to any desired depth, which enables specialists to offer patients the required load on the body. In addition the removable underwater walking bars offer support and stability when performing exercises underwater.


Entering the pool safely

With a movable floor the swimming depth of the pool can change continuously, that is why it is important to make sure that the pool is accessible regardless of the chosen depth. Thanks to several pivots and wheels the self-adjusting stairs, which are on top of the movable floor, move along with the movable floor. This makes the stairs perfectly suited for stair climbing exercises.

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