Grand Hotel Amrath | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

We have provided the Grand Hotel Amrath with tailor-made engraved pool stairs and a water treatment installation. To guarantee the feeling of ultimate relaxation, we have also installed several jet streams.

About Grand Hotel Amrath

Grand Hotel Amrath is a luxurious 5-star hotel situated in the Maritime House in Amsterdam, only 500 metres from Central Station. The hotel offers over 200 rooms, a Bar lounge and a Spa & Wellness centre. 

A luxurious Spa & Wellness centre

For this project, we developed a tailor-made pool stairs in which we engraved the hotel logo on both sides of the stairs. The pool is also equipped with a water treatment installation and the necessary jet streams to create the ultimate relaxation experience.

Salt electrolysis


Thanks to our salt electrolysis with proportional regulation, the chlorine production of the Grand Hotel Amrath is automatically adjusted to the needs of the water, reducing fluctuations in the chlorine value to a minimum. Chlorine is produced on site from kitchen salt only. Therefore no chemicals need to be transported and/or stored.

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