ASVZ | Sliedrecht | The Netherlands

With the assistance of the therapeutic movable floor with integrated steps and handrails and the swimming pool lift, the swimming pool of ASVZ in Sliedrecht has been made safely accessible for disabled clients.

About ASVZ

ASVZ is an institution for everyone with a mental disability: young and old, mildly and severely mentally disabled. ASVZ offers diagnostics, treatment and guidance to all these people.


A safe swimming environment

By using the therapeutic movable floor, ASVZ can easily create a safe swimming environment for clients with a disability. Because of the unique finish of the floor (including anti-slip) the flow of the basin is hardly obstructed. This ensures an improved water flow, which guarantees the overall water quality.

The integrated stairs and standing edges move along with the floor, so there is no risk of entrapment. Due to the unique system, the standing edges emerge from the lifting floor from a depth of 1.20m.

Medical swimming pool lift

For disabled people, getting into the pool often feels like a daunting task. Thanks to our medical swimming pool lift with quick-change system in combination with our wheelchair and variable height stretchers, ASVZ clients can enter the swimming pool quickly, safely and comfortably.

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