Gorssel | The Netherlands

The client was looking for a pool solution that not only has a luxurious and clean appearance, but which can also be used for hydrotherapy purposes. Thanks to our movable floor (3.00 x 6.00 m), finished with natural stone, the client is able to safely perform exercises at various swimming depths.

A residential hydrotherapy pool equipped with all conveniences

The pool in Gorssel consists of a stainless steel pool equipped with a movable floor with integrated stairs and removable underwater walking bars. In addition, we developed a customized pool wheelchair and the pool is equipped with a Binder Gegenstromlagen & Motoren jet stream. Thanks to all these solutions, the client has all the facilities to perform the required hydrotherapy exercises in complete peace. 

Transforming the hydrotherapy pool into a patio within minutes

When the client does not wish to use the pool, he can easily raise the floor to the highest (closed) position via the controls and remove the underwater walking bars. The floor deck can now be used for various activities, such as hosting a party or using the floor as a sun deck for relaxation.

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