Basalt Rehabilitation | The Hague | The Netherlands

With the assistance of three separately movable floors, separation walls (including removable fences) and self-adjusting stairs, it is possible for Basalt to conduct various therapy sessions at the same time.

About Basalt Rehabilitation

Basalt Rehabilitation the Hague is an expertise centre with ten locations in South Holland for medical specialist rehabilitation care. At Basalt, patients with complex motor and/or cognitive disabilities are treated.

Providing two different therapy sessions simultaneously

Thanks to the three separately movable floors, separation walls (including removable fences), it is possible for Basalt to provide different therapy sessions simultaneously. This enables Basalt to work more efficiently, providing optimal care for the patients.

For disabled people it often feels like a challenge to get into the swimming pool. Thanks to our self-adjusting stairs and medical pool lift with quick-change system, patients of Basalt Rehabilitation can access the pool quickly, safely and comfortably.

Salt electrolysis


Thanks to our salt electrolysis with proportional regulation, the chlorine production of Basalt Rehabilitation is automatically adjusted to the needs of the water, reducing fluctuations in the chlorine value to a minimum. Chlorine is produced on site from kitchen salt only. Therefore no chemicals need to be transported and/or stored.

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