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Thanks to a movable floor with tilt-adjustment feature (12.50 x 6.00 m) and a pool lift, the patients of the Sint Maartenskliniek are able to rehabilitate with their therapist in a safe and responsible way.

About Sint Maartenskliniek

Sint Maartenskliniek specializes in human movement. Sint Maartens Clinic is a pioneer in the Netherlands and Europe when it comes to the treatment of disorders in that have to do with posture and movement.


Renovation movable floor after 30 years of loyal service

The old movable floor was skillfully removed by our team after almost 30 years of loyal service and the installation of the new movable floor is finished. Because the new movable floor is featured with a tilt adjustment option, the Sint Maartens Clinic can set one end of the pool deeper, so that logically the other end occupies a higher position. This gentle slope can be used to provide upward and downward resistance to patients during rehabilitation.


A unique floor deck which ensures optimal water quality

The movable floor is finished with an anti-slip polypropylene floor deck. Thanks to the unique finish of the floor deck, the flow of the basin is hardly obstructed. This keeps the flow of the water intact and guarantees optimal water quality. 


Hydraulic pool lift

Earlier this year we have equipped the rehabilitation pool of the Sint Maartens Clinic with a pool lift and four wheelchairs with large wheels. Thanks to the pool lift, clients who experience physical discomfort can enter the pool easily, safely and quickly.

As a team, we delivered a beautiful result here, which can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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