Revant Rehabilitation | Breda | The Netherlands

Thanks to several Tieleman hydrotherapy tools, which include two movable floors and a pool lift, the patients of Revant Rehabilitation got everything they need to work successfully on their rehabilitation process.

About Revant Revalidatie

Revant Revalidatie focusses on complex medical specialistic problems. Revant Rehabilitation offers a wide range of care in clinical and polyclinical rehabilitation diagnostics, counseling and treatment in the field of medical specialist rehabilitation and rehabilitation for complex lung failure.

A pleasant swimming environment

The water of the hydrotherapy pool of Revant Rehabilitation has a temperature of approximately 32 degrees Celsius, which has a positive effect on the muscles. Because the swimming pool is equipped with two movable floors and multiple products that enhance the accessibility, Revant is able to offer rehabilitation to multiple target groups at the same time. For example, lung patients can maintain their physical condition while patients with complex disorders improve their stability and mobility skills.

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