Mytylschool Ulingshof | Venlo | The Netherlands

Since the pool at the Ulingshof is equipped with a movable floor, children can work on their mobility or rehabilitation at the required depth.

About Mytylschool Ulingshof

Mytylschool Ulingshof is a child centre for (secondary) special education for children aged 4 to 18 with physical, neurological, cognitive and/or (severe) multiple disabilities and long-term somatic sick children, integrated with child rehabilitation and care.


Working on mobility skills or rehabilitation at the required depth

The temperature of the water is over 30 degrees Celsius; a blessing for the muscles. Because the floor is adjustable, the users of the pool can complete the exercises they need to perform at the right depth.

With the help of our self-adjusting stairs, the children of the Ulingshof, who have difficulty walking, can enter the water in a safe and comfortable manner. This way, they can optimally work on their mobility skills or rehabilitation together with their practitioner.

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