Koraal | Maastricht | The Netherlands

With Tieleman's swimming pool solutions, Koraal's swimming pool has been transformed into a relaxing environment. The solutions range from an integrated bubble bench to pool stairs.

About Koraal

Koraal offers care, education and work to people of all ages with severe (mental) disabilities and complex behavioural and/or psychiatric problems. Thanks to this unique integral offering, Koraal can always offer clients and students the right support that is required at a certain point in their lives.

An unique calming experience

With the use of our integrated bubble bench, underwater lighting, speakers, stairs and handrails, Koraal creates a unique, safe and above all relaxing swimming environment for its clients. We have also equipped this swimming pool with a fully automated water treatment system. This means that the technical department is only required to check the installation’s processes and to occasionally supply salt to the electrolysis system.

Moreover, non-clients, who are unable to swim in a regular pool, are also welcome to use the pool.

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