Corendon Village Hotel | Badhoevedorp | The Netherlands

The indoor swimming pool of the Corendon Village Hotel in Badhoevedorp was equipped by us with a fully automated water treatment installation and a salt electrolysis with proportional control.

About Corendon Village Hotel

The Corendon Village Hotel in Badhoevedorp is the largest 4-star hotel of the Benelux. The hotel is located within a short distance of Amsterdam and the beach of Zandvoort. The hotel is characterized by the large Boeing 747 that is stationed right in front of the hotel.

Fully automated water treatment

This swimming pool is equipped by us with a fully automated water treatment installation. This ensures that the technical department is called upon only to a minimum; they only have to check the processes of the installation and supply the electrolysis with salt every now and then. 

Salt electrolysis

Thanks to our salt electrolysis with proportional regulation, the chlorine production of the Corendon Village Hotel is automatically adjusted to the needs of the water, reducing fluctuations in the chlorine value to a minimum. Chlorine is produced on site from kitchen salt only. Therefore no chemicals need to be transported and/or stored.


Legalization and consultancy support

We have fully supported the Corendon Village Hotel with legalization and advice. For example, we have carried out the necessary tests, such as the ink test. This test maps out the possible blind spots of a swimming pool.

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