Jeroen Bosch Hospital | Den Bosch | The Netherlands

Jeroen Bosch Hospital | Den Bosch | The Netherlands

Thanks to two separately movable floors with a separation wall, various patients of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital can work on their rehabilitation or participate in a therapy session simultaneously.

About Jeroen Bosch Hospital

The Jeroen Bosch Hospital (named after the painter Jeroen Bosch) is a general hospital in den Bosch. The hospital has a serving area for more than 360,000 inhabitants and has, in addition to the main branch, several branch offices.


One swimming pool for various target groups

The separation wall moves along with the floor which is closest to the surface. Thanks to the bulkhead, there is no gap between the movable floors and the risk of entrapment is excluded.

In addition, the two self-adjusting stairs allow the patients to enter the pool comfortably, safely and quickly.

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