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The indoor swimming pool of Royal Antwerp Football Club is equipped with a movable floor with tilt-adjustment. Due to the tilt adjustment it is possible to work with various resistances during rehabilitation.

New players’ complex Tribune 4

Royal Antwerp Football Club is the oldest Belgian professional football club and is based in Deurne, Antwerp. On 29 June 2021, the players of Royal Antwerp F.C. moved into their new players’ complex called Tribune 4. This players’ complex offers almost all possible sporting, technical and leisure facilities.

The perfect solution for rehabilitation training

For the state-of-the-art players’ complex, we developed and installed a movable floor with integrated stairs and an option for tilt-adjustment in the rehabilitation pool.

Whereas the movable deck is infinitely adjustable in height, each step remains at a certain height. If the floor is being lowered, a staircase forms and when the floor rises, the stairs level again. In this way, the basin is always comfortable to enter. Because this floor can be adjusted at an angle, it is possible to work with varied resistances during rehabilitation training.

Built-in mechanical covers

We also developed and installed two mechanical covers in the immersion bath and the heat bath. These mechanical covers cover a niche in the floor where the roller blankets are located.

The gaps with other covers are often quite large, which can lead to unsafe situations. The finish of our built-in mechanical covers is very safe, because the gap around its perimeter has a maximum of 8mm. In addition, a finish with mechanical covers guarantees a luxurious look and ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

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