Gemiva | Zoeterwoude | The Netherlands

The combination of two movable pool floors with a separation wall and a pool ramp allows Gemiva clients to swim under supervision and perform hydrotherapy exercises at the right swimming depth.

About Gemiva

Gemiva is an institution for people with a disability, chronic illness or other conditions. The Diver is located at the Swetterhage location. At this location, people with a disability can swim and play sports under supervision.

A safe swimming environment for a wide variety of swimmers

The swimming pool has two movable pool floors (including removable fences), a separation wall and a pool ramp. The movable floors can be adjusted in depth separately up to a maximum depth of 1.40 m. The separation wall closes off the open area under the floor and prevents the risk of entrapment.

The two separately movable pool floors make it possible to create a safe swimming environment for various target groups at the same time. The pool has a variety of swimmers, ranging from clients with disabilities to elderly people with dementia.

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