Gloucestershire | England

This client's indoor swimming pool (8.80 x 5.65 m) is equipped with a tailor-made movable pool floor including an integrated staircase in which the architecture and lines of the house were seamlessly incorporated into the design.

An extension of the living environment

Thanks to the movable floor system, the space in which the indoor pool is located can be used multifunctionally, meaning that no valuable space is wasted. When the floor is in a submerged position, the client can make full use of the pool. When the floor is in a closed position, the space can serve as a lounge or party venue. An additional advantage is that the movable pool floor has an insulating effect, saving the customer energy costs when in a closed position.  

Accessible at any desired depth

The movable pool floor is featured with an integrated pool staircase. Whereas the floor can be infinitely adjusted to any desired height, each step remains at a certain height. If the floor lowers, a staircase forms and when the floor rises, the stairs level out again. In this way, the client can safely enter the pool regardless of the desired swimming depth.

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