Dichterbij | Horst | The Netherlands

Swimming in a pool with extra heated water can have a positive influence on muscles and can be therapeutic for clients with disabilities. Thanks to the Tieleman movable floor, this can be accomplished safely at the required swimming depth.

About Dichterbij Twinkeling

At the Twinkeling in Horst they offer children and adults with intellectual or developmental disability day care and support. This way clients can participate in work as occupational day care or hospitality day care.

A swimming pool for young and old

Because the clients at Dichterbij the Twinkeling range from young to old, it is important that the pool is safely accessible to everyone. The Tieleman movable floor makes it possible to adjust the swimming depth to the personal preferences of the swimmer. To illustrate: the floor can be set to a depth of 80 cm for clients up to 10 years old and to a depth of 1.20 for older clients (with more swimming experience).

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