Berlin Medical Center | Abu Dhabi | UAE

Berlin Medical Center | Abu Dhabi | UAE

We equipped this hospital's medical pool with an all-in-one hydrotherapy pool solution. The modular hydrotherapy pool offers patients various options for rehabilitation or work on their locomotion.

About Berlin Medical & Neurological Rehabilitation

Berlin Medical & Neurological Rehabilitation, based in Abu Dhabi, is a multidisciplinary medical facility offering highly specialized integrated services for the full range of medical and neurological services.

A hydrotherapy pool equipped with lots of features

The modular stainless steel 316 hydrotherapy pool is equipped with lots of features. For example, patients can enter the pool by means of the custom-made staircase. In case the patient is physically less mobile, the pool lift offers an excellent solution to transfer the patient ergonomically, safely and quickly into the water.


A durable and lightweight character

The pool is made entirely of stainless steel 316L, which is ideally suited for swimming pools because of its excellent resistance to chlorides and corrosion. This means minimal maintenance and maximum lifespan. The lightweight nature of the pool (which is 10x lighter than concrete!) allows many structures to support the total weight. In short, our modular hydrotherapy pool is the ultimate all-in-one pool solution for rehabilitation centers, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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