Basalt Rehabilitation | Leiden | The Netherlands

Basalt Rehabilitation | Leiden | The Netherlands

The combination of multiple movable pool floors and a separation wall makes it possible for Basalt Rehabilitation (Leiden) to offer different therapy sessions to a variety of swimmers at the same time.

About Basalt Rehabilitation

Basalt Rehabilitation is an expertise center with ten locations in South Holland for medical specialist rehabilitation care. At Basalt Rehabilitation, clients with complex motor and/or cognitive disabilities are treated.

Providing different therapy sessions at the same time

The swimming pool of Basalt Rehabilitation, location Leiden, was equipped by us in 2003 with two separately movable pool floors (including removable fences), a separation wall, two self-adjusting stairs and a pool lift. The separation wall closes off the area under the floor and prevents the risk of entrapment.

This allows Basalt Rehabilitation to provide different therapy sessions simultaneously and clients to enter the pool safely, regardless of swimming depth. The combination of these pool solutions enable Basalt Rehabilitation to work more efficiently, thus providing optimal care for its clients.

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