Beweegbare zwembadbodem ingezet als ondiep zwembad.

A Tieleman movable floor allows you to set your medical pool to any desired depth offering each client the right water level

15 - tieleman zwembadtechniek
Pool Lift

The hydraulic pool lift developed by Tieleman enables a safe and fast transition into the therapy pool.

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Water treatment system

A water treatment system built by Tieleman ensures an even flow of water and optimal water quality in the swimming pool.

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Integrated stairs ensure a safe and comfortable access to pools with movable floors regardless of the swimming depth.

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Self-adjusting steps

Self-adjusting stairs are a cost-effective alternative to integrated steps and are suitable for both new and existing floors.

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Pool ramp

Thanks to the Tieleman pool ramp for movable floors, wheelchair-users can safely enter the pool without the use of a pool lift.

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Hinged pool ladder

A hinged pool ladder offers plenty of options for pools with limited space and/or facilities that do not require other stairs.

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Fixed Pool StEPs and ladders

Whether you are looking for stainless steel 316L pool steps or a ladder, at Tieleman you can choose from a wide variety of options.  


Tieleman relies on over 50 years of research and development with some of the most renowned rehabilitation centres and hospitals to design and build their hydrotherapy related products. All manufactured products meet and exceed the needs in any medical application.

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