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Elevating your pool experience

At Tieleman we are dedicated to redefine the art of space. We are here to help you capture your vision and turning your residential pool into the ultimate experience. Be inspired and discover the possibilities of Tieleman Pool Technology.

Whether you are looking for a movable floor with an integrated sun deck, a roman staircase, moving bar, jacuzzi, fountain, lounge area or an acrylic window/movable floor combination, Tieleman engineers it all.

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With a residential movable floor this pool is transformed into a safe paddling pool for children.

Tel Aviv | Israel

This special outdoor pool in Tel Aviv Israel has a movable floor, sundeck, uninterrupted underwater window and integrated stairs.

Residential movable floor Lauingen Germany Tieleman 03 - tieleman zwembadtechniek

Lauingen | Germany

This indoor pool (10.00 x 4.00 m) is located in Lauingen Germany behind a beautiful glass facade, allowing the indoor space to merge into the calming landscape. This residential movable floor is equipped with a locking system for extra bearing capacity. More on this project coming soon.

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Gloucestershire | England

This client’s indoor swimming pool (8.80 x 5.65 m) is equipped with a tailor-made movable pool floor including an integrated staircase in which the architecture and lines of the house were seamlessly incorporated into the design.