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We know the importance of investing in the aesthetics, versatility and functionality of your living environment. In the end, your living environment is the place where you enjoy your leisure time. Be inspired and discover the endless possibilities of Tieleman Pool Technology. Our tailor-made movable pool floors and many other high-quality swimming pool solutions offer you the ultimate feeling of luxury and freedom.

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Israel | Tel Aviv

This special outdoor pool has a movable floor, sundeck, uninterrupted underwater window (10m x 3m x 0.3m) and integrated stairs. The real challenge was the combination these components.

Belgium | Royal Antwerp F.C.

The indoor swimming pool of Royal Antwerp Football Club is equipped with a movable floor with tilt-adjustment. Due to the tilt adjustment it is possible to work with various resistances during rehabilitation.

Israel | Tel Aviv (2)

For this project abroad (Israel) we developed a movable pool floor (20m x6m) for an outdoor pool. The floor is infinitely adjustable to any desired depth up to 1.80m.