Pool ramp

IDEAL solution for WHEELCHAIR users

The pool ramp offers a functional solution for therapy pools, which are used by many people in wheelchairs. Thanks to a ramp that runs from the platform to the (movable) floor of the pool, wheelchair users can enter the water independently. A great solution for you as a professional, and also for the client who can safely and independently enter the pool.

At Tieleman you will find high-quality ramps for both fixed and movable pool floors. Tieleman ramps are also wide enough for a standard wheelchair, a wheelchair with large wheels or a walker, for example.

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Tieleman medical hellingbaan - tieleman zwembadtechniek

Benefits of our pool ramps

We not only develop pool ramps for pools with fixed floors, but also for movable pool floors. This allows wheelchair users to enter the water independently, regardless of depth.

All our products surpass the European quality and safety requirements for swimming pool equipment installed in public and medical swimming pools (the NEN-EN 13451).

The width, the length, the handrails and even a logo. We customise the ramp so that it meets your requirements.

By only using stainless steel 316 in our ramps, not only safety is guaranteed, but also durability during intensive use in the swimming hall.

How does our pool ramp work?

The pool ramp can be mounted in or on the (movable) pool floor. The ramp moves with the movable pool floor. This ensures that the therapy pool is accessible at any depth.

The ramp is not only useful for people in wheelchairs, but also for people who have difficulty walking. After all, it is easier to walk down a ramp with a stainless steel handrail than to use a steep pool staircase.

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Tieleman relies on over 50 years of research and development with some of the most renowned rehabilitation centres and hospitals to design and build their hydrotherapy related products. All manufactured products meet and exceed the needs in any medical application.

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