Medical pool lift

unparalleled strenght and simplicity

For rehabilitation and care clients, it often feels like quite a challenge to get into the pool. That is why the transition to water ideally costs as little energy as possible. The hydraulic pool lift developed by Tieleman enables a safe, fast and ergonomically responsible transition into the therapy pool. And thanks to its easy operation, it is not only pleasant for the client, but also for the professional.


The mechanical attachment to the floor, the stainless steel and the direct connection to the wheelchair or stretcher, make our pool lifts extremely safe and comfortable for the client.

Due to the quick-change system, you can easily attach clients in a wheelchair or stretcher to the pool lift, after which you can quickly lower them into the water.

The Tieleman pool lift has a load capacity of over 150 kg excluding the accessory.

Thanks to our quick-change system, our wheelchairs (small and large wheels) and height-adjustable stretcher can be connected directly to the lift.

By using only stainless steel 316 (and therefore no fragile plastic), not only safety is guaranteed, but also durability during intensive use in the swimming room.

Pool lift accessories

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Pool lift in action

Each pool is unique. That is why we measure the potential of your pool in advance. For example, think of a custom solution that is required for a pool with a heightened pool edge.


Tieleman relies on over 50 years of research and development with some of the most renowned rehabilitation centres and hospitals to design and build their hydrotherapy related products. All manufactured products meet and exceed the needs in any medical application.

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Berlin Medical Center MAS finshed 01 - tieleman zwembadtechniek

Berlin Medical Center | Abu Dhabi

We equipped this hospital’s medical pool with an all-in-one hydrotherapy pool solution. The modular hydrotherapy pool offers patients various options for rehabilitation or work on their locomotion.


Koraal | Maastricht

With Tieleman’s swimming pool solutions, Koraal’s swimming pool has been transformed into a relaxing environment. The solutions range from an integrated bubble bench to pool stairs.


Pluryn | Nijmegen

The swimming pool at Pluryn in Nijmegen has a complete Tieleman swimming pool system, consisting of a movable pool floor, self-adjusting stairs and a water treatment installation.