Movable floor commercial pool

A Movable pool floor offers a versatile solution for every pool

A movable pool floor is the perfect addition to any commercial pool. Whether it is a public swimming pool, a spa & wellness centre or a hotel, with a movable floor you can easily set any desired depth of the pool (even to a level without water!). This way, your swimming hall becomes multifunctional and you can appeal to a broader range of guests.

To illustrate: you can set the water depth to two metres in the morning, allowing swimmers to swim laps. In the afternoon, you can set the depth to 50 cm, which makes it possible to give swimming lessons to children. This leads to a wider variety of swimmers and you get more out of the pool.

The benefits of our
movable pool floors

All of our products surpass the quality and safety threshold set by the European norm for equipment installed in swimming pools for public and medical use (the EN 13451).

A movable pool floor enables you to adjust the water depth of your swimming pool according to your personal preferences. This increases safety for users, especially children. In a raised position the swimming pool is inaccessible for incorrect or unsupervised use.

We design custom made movable pool floors to accommodate and integrate our clients demands. As a result, our clients are not bound to standard dimensions or shapes.

In a raised position, the movable swimming pool floor ensures lower heating costs through insulation integrated in the floor. Since no dirt can enter the water and no chlorine evaporation takes place, there is a reduced use of chemicals. As a result, the energy requirement of the air treatment, if present, decreases and its lifespan extends.

Our technology enables us to use a minimal amount of moving parts, which reduces the costs and time of maintenance.

By using a floating principle, no technology will be visible either in or surrounding the pool. This is a major advantage from both an aesthetic and safety point of view.

In contrast to others, the technology of a Tieleman movable pool floor is powered by water, instead of oil. This makes water contamination and damage to the basin impossible.

There are countless ways to enrich and personalize movable pool floors. Tailor-made options may vary from swim-out benches to integrated sundeck corners, jacuzzis and staircases. It is also possible to provide the movable pool floor with a locking system, which provides extra bearing capacity in a raised position.

Tieleman pool technology from start to finish

Tieleman relies on over 50 years of research and development with some of the most renowned rehabilitation centres and hospitals to design and build their hydrotherapy-related products. All manufactured products meet and exceed the needs in any medical application.

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Discover our projects

Grand Hotel Amrath

We have provided the Grand Hotel Amrath with tailor-made engraved pool stairs and a water treatment installation. To guarantee the feeling of ultimate relaxation, we have also installed several jet streams.

Corendon Village Hotel

The indoor swimming pool of the Corendon Village Hotel in Badhoevedorp was equipped by us with a fully automated water treatment installation and a salt electrolysis with proportional control.

Steigenberger Airport Hotel

Recently (2021) the technical room of the Steigenberger Airport Hotel was renovated. We replaced the entire water treatment installation. Due to the proportional control of the salt electrolysis, fluctuations in the chlorine value are kept to a minimum.