Tieleman Pool Technology has been engineering and developing swimming pool solutions since 1970, ranging from movable pool floors to pool lifts. What started with a focus on the medical industry quickly turned into a wide-ranging clientele. As a result, not only hospitals and clinics benefit from our medically certified quality, but also the commercial and domestic sector. Projects are carried out from start to finish by Tieleman to guarantee the best possible result in every situation.

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Gorssel rvs zwembad beweegbare vloer 03 - tieleman zwembadtechniek

The Netherlands | Gorssel

The client was looking for a pool solution that not only has a luxurious and clean appearance, but which can also be used for hydrotherapy purposes. Thanks to our movable floor (3 x 6m), finished with natural stone, the client is able to safely perform exercises at various swimming depths.


Koraal | Maastricht

With Tieleman’s swimming pool solutions, Koraal’s swimming pool has been transformed into a relaxing environment. The solutions range from an integrated bubble bench to pool stairs.

Medisch Jeroen Bosch beweegbare vloeren luie tredentrappen 04 - tieleman zwembadtechniek

Jeroen Bosch Hospital | Den Bosch

Due to two separately movable floors with a separation wall, various patients of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital can work on their rehabilitation or participate in a therapy session simultaneously.

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