Only marine grade stainless steel 316L is suitable for use in swimming pool water because of its excellent resistance to corrosion and chlorides. That is why the Tieleman movable floor system consist of a marine grade stainless steel 316L frame with a floating platform. It is also important to minimize contamination of the pool water. A water-hydraulic cylinder offers an excellent solution for this. This technology prevents the risk of (oil) contamination of the basin and has been an essential part of the Tieleman movable floor system for years.

That depends on several elements, including size, additional features, shape and location. In fact, each Tieleman floor is custom-made to a client's individual specifications. For a quote, contact us at info@tzhbv.nl.

The water always remains in the pool. When the movable floor is operated, the water gently flows through a narrow opening between the pool wall and our movable floor.

That depends on the swimming depth of the pool. In general, for medical pools, a floor may lower a maximum of 50 cm (19,69 inch) per minute. For residential pools this is 30 cm (11,81 inch) per minute.

Yes you can. Our floors are controlled via a simple push button, Siemens PLC touch screen or a mobile device. When you push the button to lower the floor, the water hydraulic cylinder pulls the movable floor underwater. You can release the button at any desired swimming depth, which means the floor will automatically stop at the depth selected by the user.

When you raise the floor to a higher position, the water hydraulic cylinder pressure is released in a controlled way and the floor will rise automatically as a result of the upward pressure caused by the integrated floats.

We can equip your movable floor with integrated stairs (various models possible), sun decks/lounge areas, swim-out benches, jacuzzis and much more. Ask our experts about the possibilities at info@tzhbv.nl.

Yes it can. However, there are a number of strict conditions attached to this. For example, the walls must be perfectly vertical and the floor must be removed and deepened. Our system requires an extra depth of 450 mm (17.72 inch), with integrated stairs or sun deck 650 mm (25.59 inch). Ask our experts about the possibilities at info@tzhbv.nl.

Medical floors are often finished with a Polypropylene (PP) deck. Polypropylene is a lightweight material with high impact resistance and chemical resistance.

Residential floors are often finished with a GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) deck with a roughened surface that is ready for tiling. We advise residential clients to choose non-porous and waterproof finishes for their floors. This minimizes maintenance and the need for replacement. Some options available are natural stone, mosaic and ceramic tile. 

We recommend an average once a year or once every two years to have maintenance performed by Tieleman Pool Technology. Our movable floors are developed with as few movable parts as possible. Wear and maintenance are thus kept to a minimum.

Tieleman movable floors have an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years (if requested maintenance is outsourced to Tieleman).

The minimum size for a movable floor is 6 x 3m (19.69 x 9.84ft)


Normally, we are involved right at the start of a project. This is essential, as at this stage we have every opportunity to meet a client’s creative individual requirements and needs.

During this stage, frequent consultations take place between Tieleman, the architect, the pool builder and, last but not least, the client in question. A free flow of information is important here. This means, among other things, that Tieleman is included in the distribution list of all contractors who supply drawings.

All maintenance work, from movable floors to pool lifts, is performed by Tieleman's in-house service technicians. Our technicians are also able to perform work under the movable floor as they are A1 certified divers. Because almost all of our products are engineered in-house, and we therefore have comprehensive knowledge of the installation, we can guarantee minimal down-time in case of malfunction.

No, Tieleman does not build construction pools. However, we do design, manufacture and install stainless steel swimming pools. Tieleman stainless steel pools combine elegance with the highest quality and durability. Contact us at info@tzhbv.nl to discuss the possibilities.

Yes, Tieleman Pool Technology is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of movable floors and other customized pool solutions. For example, we have projects in Belgium, England, Iceland, Norway, Israel, Abu Dhabi and the Bahamas.

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Movable floor in action

Tieleman’s unique movable floor system consists of a floating platform equipped with a series of cables and a pulley system with a water-based hydraulic cylinder. When the movable floor is moved, water gently flows through a small opening (8 mm / 0,31 inch) around the floor. Within about four to five minutes, your terrace, living space or swimming room transforms into a full-size swimming pool.


Tieleman relies on over 50 years of research and development with some of the most renowned rehabilitation centres and hospitals to design and build their hydrotherapy related products. All manufactured products meet and exceed the needs in any medical application.

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