BIO Holiday Resort | Arnhem

The movable pool floor of the Tieleman pool enables BIO Holiday Resort to adjust the swimming depth to the user. This allows parents to enjoy a carefree holiday together with their (multiple) disabled child.

About BIO Holiday Resort

BIO Holiday Resort rents bungalows to parents with a (multiple) disabled child and to institutions that take over the care of the parents. The holiday park has a therapeutic swimming pool with all modern facilities, allowing visitors to relax in optimal circumstances.


Enjoying a carefree holiday with Tieleman’s solutions

Swimming feels liberating (particularly) for children with a (multiple) disability. The water offers the children relaxation and allows them to move around without the risk of falling. With the help of our stepless movable pool floor, BIO Holiday Resort easily sets the pool to the desired depth. The two pool lifts and a self-adjusting stairs ensure that children can enter the therapy pool safely and comfortably, regardless of its depth.

All this finally ensures that families with their (multiply) disabled child can enjoy their holiday without any concerns.

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