Tieleman pool TECHNOLOGy


Create the highest possible quality in movable pool floors and become a household name in the swimming pool industry.

Mission statement

Be our customers’ first choice in swimming pool technology, providing tailor-made solutions meeting our customers’ expectations.

Core values

Ambitious goals require ambitious knowledgeable people. We are the only specialist in the swimming pool industry with the entire process in-house to support you from start to end.
No project is the same, that’s why we put the customer’s wish first. Our total in-house production guarantees a high quality and fast delivery of your unique tailored project.

Our organization is built on direct communication lines allowing quick response times, without jeopardizing our quality and enables us to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

We strive to be the market leader through superior quality, meaning our common standard surpasses the known levels in the industry. Our 50 plus years of experience enables us to deliver certified medical top quality.

We are a young and motivated team with a healthy passion for swimming pool technology ready to assist in your project with a fresh new focus.

Our story

The company was founded in 1970 by the Zilvold family. In 1993 the Tieleman family acquired the assets, increased the continued effort to develop the new technology, introduced new technologies, and tailored its service agreements according to their customers’ demands.

In 2017 a new and younger Tieleman generation followed the footsteps of their predecessors, resulting in a fresh new look at the swimming pool industry.

Today we are not just successful with our state-of-the-art hydro therapeutical equipment. It has also drawn the attention of a wide range of customers not necessarily involved in the medical or therapeutical branche. For instance hotels, soccer clubs, public pools, and private persons.

All our products are still produced in-house, assuring our quality, service, and short lead times including unique tailored projects.

Discover our projects

Beweegbare zwembadbodem_Basalt Revalidatie Leiden

Basalt Rehabilitation | Leiden

The combination of multiple movable pool floors and bulkheads makes it possible for Basalt Rehabilitation (Leiden) to offer different therapy sessions to a variety of swimmers at the same time.

Commercieel Corendon waterbehandeling 02 - tieleman zwembadtechniek

Corendon Village Hotel

The indoor swimming pool of the Corendon Village Hotel in Badhoevedorp was equipped by us with a fully automated water treatment installation and a salt electrolysis with proportional control.

Bio vakantieoord_beweegbare zwembadbodem-01

BIO Holiday Resort | Arnhem

The movable pool floor of the Tieleman pool enables BIO Holiday Resort to adjust the swimming depth to the user. This allows parents to enjoy a carefree holiday together with their (multiple) disabled child.

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