Tieleman pool TECHNOLOGy


Create the highest possible quality in movable pool floors and become a household name in the swimming pool industry.

Mission statement

Be our customers’ first choice in swimming pool technology, providing tailor-made solutions meeting our customers’ expectations.

Core values

Ambitious goals require ambitious experienced people. We are the only specialist in the swimming pool industry with the entire process in-house to support you from start to finish.

Every project is unique, endless customization is therefore a philosophy widely represented within the Tieleman movable floor range. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing, we can guarantee a quick turnaround for your unique and customized project.

Our short lines of communication allow us to respond quickly, without jeopardizing the quality. We easily adapt to changing circumstances and actively seek solutions to provide our clients with the best possible service.

We strive to be the market leader through superior quality, meaning our common standard surpasses the known levels in the industry. Our 50 plus years of experience enables us to deliver certified medical top quality.

We are a young, motivated and ambitious team committed to making your project surpass your expectations.

the History of Tieleman pool Technology

Tieleman Pool Technology was founded in the year 1970. At that time, the market had a demand for high-quality and safe products for hydrotherapeutic purposes. Tieleman decided at an early stage to do everything in its power to fulfill this desire. Hence, one began at that time with a focus on developing and manufacturing these high-quality medical hydrotherapy products. The products were undergoing intensive testing from base material to finished product. This allowed Tieleman to deliver, ensure and guarantee the required premium quality.

Thanks to delivering excellent quality, the latest techniques and customized service, the organization has become the leading supplier of medical hydrotherapy products. All this has turned Tieleman into an unmistakable link for professional customization in the swimming pool industry.

Since 2017, Tieleman has been run by its 3rd generation of owners. Nowadays, Tieleman is not only successful with its state of the art hydrotherapy equipment. Tieleman has also captured the attention of a wide range of clients not necessarily involved in the therapeutic industry. For example, residential clients, hotels, professional athletes clubs and public swimming pools. Manufacturing is still in-house, enabling Tieleman to have complete control over the process, ensuring a quick turnaround of unique customized projects.

Discover our projects

Commercieel Steigenberger waterbehandeling en elektrolyse 02 - tieleman zwembadtechniek

Steigenberger Airport Hotel | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Recently (2021) the technical room of the Steigenberger Airport Hotel was renovated. We replaced the entire water treatment installation. Thanks to the proportional control of the salt electrolysis, fluctuations in the chlorine value are kept to a minimum.

Trapzwembad commercieel Grand hotel Amrath

Grand Hotel Amrath | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

We have provided the Grand Hotel Amrath with tailor-made engraved pool stairs and a water treatment installation. To guarantee the feeling of ultimate relaxation, we have also installed several jet streams.